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Ball Til You Fall 
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Ice Cube released “It Was A Good Day” twenty-one years ago today.

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UPNT v UNKT Soundclash: RZA & Prince Paul Productions (Gravediggaz Tribute)
Today marks the 20th anniversary of Gravediggaz debut, 6 Feet Deep. This oft-over looked, criminally slept-on album brought together two of Hip Hop’s best producers; Prince Paul & RZA.
To celebrate the anniversary - we teamed up with the good homey Robbie at unkutdotcom for a soundclash of sorts. What we did? We each picked 10 RZA Beats & 10 Prince Paul beats and had our main ace The Vinylcologist mix the shit out of them in a friendly challenge to be voted on by you - the fans.
Listen to the UNKUT mix here.
1. Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman (RZA)
2. Everlast - The Men In Blue (Prince Paul)
3. Ghostface - Nutmeg (RZA)
4. Stetsasonic - We’re The Band (Prince Paul)
5. Cappadonna - ‘97 Mentality (RZA)
6. De La Soul - Plug Tunin’ (Prince Paul)
7. Earl Sweatshirt - Molasses (RZA)
8. Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Truth (Prince Paul)
9. Notorious B.I.G. - Long Kiss Goodnight (RZA)
10. De La Soul - Fanatic of the B Word (Prince Paul)
11. Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Snakes (RZA)
12. Gravediggaz - Defective Trip (Trippin’) (Prince Paul)
13. AZ - Whatever Happened (The Birth) (RZA)
14. Slick Rick - Behind Bars (Prince Paul)
15. Shaq - No Hooks (RZA)
16. Prince Paul - Its a Stickup (Prince Paul)
17. GZA - Liquid Swords (RZA)
18. De La Soul - If It Wasn’t For You (Prince Paul)
19. Big Pun - Tres Leches (RZA)
20. Handsome Boy Modeling School - Holy Calamity (Prince Paul)